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Residential Services

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Need help with projects involving electrical components? The Tick Tock Group specializes in electrical work. We have a Certified Electrical Inspector on our team who can install new features, fix existing ones, or replace your entire wiring and electrical system.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Colling (HVAC)

Whether you are looking for a new unit, trouble-shooting a problem with an existing unit, or setting up services for preventative maintenance, the Tick Tock Group is the place to go to seek all of your HVAC needs. We think outside the box to give you a system that fits your exact needs. By having your system serviced regularly, we can help prevent issues and keep your system running as efficiently as possible.




Get a fresh coat or change the whole feeling of a room with the professional painting help of The Tick Tock Group. Don’t stress about how long it will take you to get it perfect - we’ll do the work for you.


Plumbing issues can do a great deal of damage to your home if they’re not addressed promptly. Let us do the dirty work. Whether its installation, replacement, or repair, we’ll get your plumbing back on track.

Smart Home

The Tick Tock Group is a smart group and they can make your home or business smart too. We offer smart home services to bring you fully into the 21st Century.

Pre-Sale Spruce Up

Trying to sell you home? Need help making it look its best? The Tick Tock Group can spruce up your home, increase it’s value, and get it ready to present to potential buyers.

Assisted DIY

Have a job you’ve started but don’t know how to finish or a job you want to finish but don’t know how to start? Maybe you want assistance throughout a project? The Tick Tock Group will come and help you to do it yourself with their great Assisted DIY service.


Assembling anything is not only time consuming, but also a pain in the neck - or quite literally give you a pain in the neck. Save yourself the time and Tylenol and give The Tick Tock Group a call. We’ll navigate the instructions and get whatever you have built the right way.


Looking to add something unique to your home? Have The Tick Tock Group install and build stunning, custom carpentry to elevate your home from a “nice” house to a beautiful home from the pages of a magazine.


Whether its a small ceiling fan or new doors throughout the house, indoors or out, The Tick Tock Group can take on all your installation projects. We’ll take out the old piece - if necessary - and expertly install the new item.


Regular maintenance is an important but time consuming aspect of owning a home. Let The Tick Tock Group take care of all the projects for things that aren't broken but that will keep your home looking its absolute best.


Need a complete redo on a room in your home? The Tick Tock Group can bring their professional help to all aspects of a remodeling project no matter what room of the house you’re looking to renovate.


If something is broken, The Tick Tock Group can fix it the right way. From screen doors to toilets and drywall to gutters, we can repair any part of your home that is no longer working the way it should.



Safety & Mobility / Aging in Place

A focus of The Tick Tock Group is aging-in-place services. The ability for seniors to stay in their home rather than move to an assisted living facility, which are extremely expensive, is of great importance to us. Seniors are able to stay in their community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level with the help of The Tick Tock Group!

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By What Needs Repair:


It might be over your head, but repairing your ceiling is not over our heads. Let The Tick Tock Group fix any problem you may have with your ceiling to make sure it and anything hanging from it is in proper working condition.


Pet door, shower door, or front door. No matter what door or what service, The Tick Tock Group can knock out the project quick. We can install, maintain, or repair your doors to increase the look and style of your home.


Curb appeal is an important aspect to a home. Whether you’re preparing the home to sell or enhancing it to take pride in its appearance, let The Tick Tock Group groom the exterior of your home to get it looking like new again


The Tick Tock Group floor services are a complete solution for installing and repairing many types of flooring. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and many more can be serviced by our experienced group. Let us get your floors put in place and looking their best.

Drywall / Walls

Walls can take a real beating. Things bang into them and make a little knick, kids draw all over them with permanent marker, or a huge hole in the wall is staring at you. The Tick Tock Group can patch, paint, or enhance your walls in so many ways.


From decorating to installing, The Tick Tock Group can provide many professional window services to homeowners. Installation, repair, and adding blinds or shutters can all be done with one call to The Tick Tock Group. We'll remove your old windows and install the new ones.

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By Room / Place:


While you may never go into your attic, it’s still a very important part of your home. Making it easily accessible, insulating it for the hot and cold months, or ensuring the structural integrity is at the level it should be are all projects The Tick Tock Group can perform for your home.


A basement can be a great place to entertain or an excellent place for extra storage. The Tick Tock Group can professionally renovate, assemble, install and insulate your basement to completion. All you have to do is enjoy the extra space that you’re basement allows.


Bathrooms are a high traffic area. When something doesn’t work in a bathroom, it can be a serious problem. The Tick Tock Group can provide all the necessary repair and maintenance services your bathroom requires to work properly.


Bedrooms need to be comfortable: it’s where you get a good night’s rest. But if something needs assembling, repairing, or even an additional shelf, it can keep you up at night. Let The Tick Tock Group ease your worries by doing any installation or repairs your bedroom requires.

Deck & Patio

Even though it’s exposed to the elements, your deck and patio is as important to maintain as the inside of your home. It has to be safe and enjoyable for relaxation and entertainment. Let The Tick Tock Group improve your deck and patio, whether through construction and repair or painting and power washing.


Your garage can hold a lot of valuable things: cars, sporting goods, tools, bikes. So, it’s important to maintain your garage’s condition. The Tick Tock Group has the experience to repair and maintain all aspects of your garage from the opener to the ventilation system.


To get work done, your office space needs to be properly maintained. You can’t be distracted by little things that need to be repaired or assembled. A desk, shelving unit, or bookcase is no match for The Tick Tock Group.


The kitchen has a lot of things going on. Faucets, cabinets, lights, tiles, plumbing - and that’s just the beginning of the list of things that might need repair, maintenance, or installation in a kitchen. Let The Tick Tock Group wipe out all your kitchen projects.

Living & Dining

You want to be comfortable in your living or dining room. But, if you’re worried about decorating, baby proofing, or repairing something, you won’t feel right at home - and neither will your guests. The Tick Tock Group can expertly assemble, install and repair all aspects of your living and dining area.

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Example Projects

Assisted DIY
Playground Assembly
New Bathroom
Dormer Addition
DIY Project
Upright Flower Stand
Custom Cabinet Laundry Nook
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