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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I know who’s coming to work on my project before they get there?
Yes, you will be notified who your technician will be once they are headed to your home or business.

If you don’t do a service, can you point in the direction of someone who does?
Yes, there are some jobs that are better left to specialty contractors (like roofing). We provide construction management services for those projects. We will manage those specialty contractors for you so that you assured that they are completing those jobs up to The Tick Tock Group standard.

Can I schedule to have a handyman come in monthly and do whatever is necessary?
Of course! If you want someone out monthly for a day or two to start working on your to do list we will make sure you have the same technician scheduled on days that are convenient for you.

Do I have to be there while the worker is there? I just don’t have the time…
Getting your time back to you is what we do best, leave us a list and we will take it from there.

Will I still be able to comfortably use my home while the worker is there?
This depends on the work that is being completed. We will communicate with you during your repair projects to ensure that you know what portions or systems of your home will be affected.

How quickly can someone be available to come and work?
If you have an emergency, call right away. We will do our best to dispatch someone to you as quickly as possible.  For normal service work we strive to schedule no more than a week out.

What if I need work on every part of my home…a whole home remodel…is The Tick Tock Group right for me?
We would be happy to take on any or all of your remodel project, and we can do it all at once or one room at a time.

What if the only time I have free is in late at night or in the middle of the night?
We generally reserve night time for emergency situations, but we are here to help you. If you have a unique situation, give us a call and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

Can The Tick Tock Group provide the materials for my project? (ie wood, shelves, nails, screws, plumbing, metal, or whatever it may be.)
The Tick Tock Group will be happy to provide all, some, or none of the materials for your projects depending on what you want.

I have an idea for a project at my house, but I don’t know if its realistic to accomplish. Can you help me?
We sure can, give us a call and let us know what you are looking to do, we will send send out an estimator to listen to your idea and see if it can be done.

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